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At ADS our projects focus on water, sanitation and sustainability through direct implementation in the field without intermediaries. Another of our premises is the improvement of health and nutritional care, access to safe and quality water, as well as the training of the population in hygiene and health. We see these objectives as key tools to understand and reduce the origin of many diseases and be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thanks to the companies and collaborating organizations, volunteers in the field and partners, we have ensured that more than 500,000 people in Ethiopia have access to drinking water and that more than 250,000 people have a health center near their city.

At ADS, we strive to ensure the sustainability of the actions carried out, so that we can expect longterm success from each project. 


Maintenance and rehabilitation of water wells

  • Cleaning and conditioning.
  • Replacement of the hand or submersible pump
  • Maintenance and/or repair of the pump base
  • Maintenance and/or repair of the generator
  • Maintenance and/or repair of the electrical connection
  • Water analysis

WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)


Drilling of water wells

  • Location of drilling based on emergency and/or population criteria.
  • Own drilling and development activity
  • Water analysis
  • Installation of pumping equipment based on needs and capacity


Water quality project: Elimination of fluorosis. RIFAWATER

Implementation of a new filtering system based on new technology developed by CSIC to reduce the concentration of fluoride in the water.



  • One of the objectives of ADS in Ethiopia is to provide access to education as a tool to develop the country. 
  • The main objectives of these projects are the construction of the schools accompanied by the drilling of water wells and the installation of pumping equipment and the corresponding water distribution lines for the schools.





  • Talks in schools
  • Conferences
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Dissemination in the media and social media
  • Speeches
  • Training courses at Universities



Kokebe is a development education tool that was created as an initiative to raise awareness among Spanish children and families about the reality of access to water in less developed countries, raising awareness about how this makes it difficult for girls to go to school.


Improving nutrition in children under 5 years of age in the Oromia Region. Ethiopia

Improving access to food and access to good nutrition for the disadvantaged school population in the rural province of Wuchale, Oromia region, Ethiopia.

    • Purchase and distribute basic products (teff, meat, vegetables, etc.) and milk.
    • Accompanied by nutritional advisement and support. 




Water and food security ambassadors at Ganda Hala to tackle Covid 19

In the Oromia region, north of Shewa Zone, Ethiopia.

Project funded by AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation. This project consists of the drilling of a water well and the installation of a solar pump to supply drinking water and water for agriculture, through the installation of drip irrigation. In addition, the training of the population in nutrition, prevention of Covid-19 and improvement of the food security of the population with the aim of improving the capacity of the population to be nutritionally sustainable.

In addition to the above, health personnel visit the community on a recurrent basis to solve health problems and improve prevention.


Construction of the new Assayita General Hospital. Afar Region (2007/17)

  • Rehabilitation and expansion of the Health Centre into a General Hospital.
  • Nutrition, medicine and home care programmes, Programme for HIV patients and families, Ophthalmology programme
  • HIV patients and families, ophthalmology programme, oral and dental health programme and Hospital Transfers Programme.


Refugee Camp: Nutrition and Emergency Programme (2009/12)

  •  Emergency intervention in the Assayita refugee camp.
  • Development of the Nutrition Programme



Mundo Sano Foundation: Treatment of tropical diseases (2021/25)

Treatment of intestinal parasites that impair the absorption of nutrients, especially in children. 


KalaCORE: Treatment, Control and Elimination of Leishmaniasis in Africa and Asia. (2016/19)

Implementation in Ethiopia together with MM, WHO, MSF, DNDI and LSHTM of the KalaCORE Leishmaniasis Detection and Control Program funded by UK Aid


Cordoba helps. Basic food security in Ethiopia in times of Covid 19

The long-term objective of this project is to improve the quality of life of families affected by the impact of COVID -19 in Wuchale Woreda, N/Shewa area, Oromiya, through food security, basic sanitation and hygiene services and facilities accompanied by awareness education to prevent any contagion.

This project is an emergency response to the problems caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and particularly affects the entire low-income population and rural areas that have been affected by total confinement.



Emergency food assistance in the Muketurri area

The objective is food and nutritional security for people living in extreme multidimensional poverty in the Muketuri area.

Specific objective: Ensure physical and economic access to nutritious food for the most vulnerable people in the Muketuri area, with an emphasis on children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Changing lives with safe water, sanitation and education.

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