At Water for Development, our collaborative values connect everything we do. We are a Spanish company (Acción, Desarrollo, y Sostenibilidad), working to connect to an American branch (Water for Development), joined together by our projects in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, we listen closely to the needs of each community we enter, coordinating with local healthcare services, leaders, educators, government, church groups and NGOs to ensure the best possible outcomes for the individuals we strive to benefit. We believe in the importance of listening, and of supporting community members in advocating for themselves and their families. 

These values have allowed us to create individualized programs for each community we work with, depending on their specific needs and resources. Finally, we hope that you will feel inspired to collaborate with us. It is with your donations all that we do is made possible, so we ask you to join us on our collaborative mission, to provide healthcare, education, food security, and financial independence, all through the power of water.