Schools for Development: Sagure

The Sagure school is managed by the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary. It plays an important role in the community of Oromía in Southwest Ethiopia, offering education to those who previously have not had access to educational resources. 

In 2022, construction of the school was completed, and a well was drilled nearby offering water to students and community members. The primary school building now has the capacity to teach 60 students at once, and is accompanied by a dining hall with the capacity to feed 300. Finally, we constructed an administrative building to support educators and staff in their roles at the school.

Alongside the newly constructed school, we drilled a well to provide safe, clean, and reliably available water to both the school and the community. This well is equipped with a solar powered electric pump, ensuring that the water is readily and quickly accessible at all times through water lines that distribute the water throughout the community.