Drinking Water in Kasimi

At Water for Development, we care deeply about the sustainability of our projects. While the central focus of this project has been to drill a well in Kasimi, we are also working to promote self management and development for this water source within the community. The well is in a central location near the local water management office, and is providing clean drinking water to the whole community.

After completing the drilling process, we tested the water to ensure health standards. After ensuring all health parameters were met, we installed a pump, after which the community was responsible for installing a platform and fence, as well as future upkeep of the water source. 



In addition, a water committee was created to take charge of the management of the well. This committee is made up of women from the community who otherwise have had limited participation in community decision making. This committee is responsible not only for management and allocation of the water, but also maintenance and upkeep of the well itself. They furthermore manage a fund set up within the community to finance any larger upkeep or maintenance needs that may arise.